What are the important dates I need to be aware of when applying for this programme?

Application Deadlines

     Student applications for each year will open during the previous September

     Student Scholarships: January 15th of each year

     Fee paying applications: June 30th of each year

     Scholar Teaching Scholarships: Rolling Call 2012-2017

Other Important Dates

* Acknowledgement of receipt of submission of application: 1 week (5 working days)

* Notification if application is ineligible: immediately after the eligibility check is complete

* Notification of main and reserve list students: March of each year

* Notice of Decision for main list students: usually late April (date to be set by the Erasmus Mundus programme administration)

* Notice of Decision for reserve list students: May/June/July depending on the uptake of scholarships

* Students must make a formal acceptance of their offer within 10 days of the offer being made

* Appeal deadline: You must complete and return the Notice of Appeal to the Student Support Co-ordinator
no later than 7 days after you receive the Notice of Decision.

* Course start: September of each year